Accurate Rest Rhapsody Bathtub style

Do you want to feeling a correct rest in luxurious atmosphere with out leaving the comfort of your home..? Pearl Sequence Rhapsody Bathtub was combine a attractiveness and comfort for you to savor and escape from an exhausting daily activity to a haven of peacefulness. Rhapsody Bathtubs is a new product from MAAX Assortment to bringing you into encounter of correct rest, tranquillity, inside the warmth of your private atmosphere, because it was choosed from among the myriad of therapies and turn your bathroom into a haven of peace and properly-becoming. Come with 5 massage systems, the Rhapsody bathtub is produced-to-measure to maximize your comfort, permits you to create the rest session that greatest fits you. Enjoy the Rhapsody encounter and let your self fly into an extraordinaire sensibilities.




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