Amazing And Spectacular Luxurious Seaside House Design

Today I would share the pictures of an amazing seaside residence designed by the Sagan Piechota Architecture. Sagan Piechota Architecture is a reputed architectural firm in San Francisco. They specialize in residential house design and renovation. Their residential house design projects are beautiful and functional. According to them a well designed residential space is not only aesthetically pleasing but it enhances harmony and well being of the residents.The seaside residence is located in Carmel, California. Carmel is a small city situated on a peninsula. It is surrounded by natural scenic beauty. Carmel has the rich heritage of artists, writers, and poets. It is world famous for its performing artists, beautiful beach and artifacts.The seaside residence is built on the rocky top of a seaside landscape. It blends so well with the surrounding landscape that it looks like a natural extension. The seaside residence known as Otter Cove is divided into two wings. The Eastern wing gives privacy from the busy highway and the Western wing protects from the ocean wind. The residence is partially built underground. Underground spaces receive natural light from the staircases. Underground spaces are peaceful and quiet, whereas upper levels are busy with activity.Floor-to-ceiling windows in upper level rooms offer breathtaking view of the sea. The interiors of the house are done equally beautifully. Stone and glass are the main materials used extensively in house design. The Eastern wing and Western wing are of arched shape. Arched wall connects both the wings.Interiors are done in minimalist style. You can see a lot of empty uncluttered spaces in the house. Living room area is done with dark grey sofa and bucket shaped chairs. Center table with stone top on the metal frame looks exclusive. Other decorative pieces are also made of stone.Bedroom has wooden flooring. It has one entire wall of glass. It gives a beautiful view of sea. The bedroom furniture is very simple. Attached bathroom has also a glass window that gives outside view.Kitchen is divided into different counters. There is a balcony above the kitchen. A separate entrance to the kitchen can be used to enter or leave the house.Spanned over two levels, the Otter Cove residence has a game room, gymnasium, home office and a three car garage.












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