Ancient Architectured Luxurious Siberian House With Antique Furniture

This is like a Kings Mansion or Palace or you could classify it as a lavish ancient heritage resort, but the reality is that this heritage structure shown below is a house located in Novokuznetsk, Russia. It’s designed by Tatiana Rozhkova with a Russian fairy tale track record but which meets all contemporary specifications for comfy residing. The house is made with Siberian firm and quality of pine logs of 260 mm. The residing room furniture is flooded with sunlight thanks to the thoughtful architecture of the home. Most of the furniture would look like ancient furniture items for example the the fireplace is the primary focal point of this room. It’s seven meters in height and tiles with porcelain tiles. Each of its sides has its personal story and color. The deadly mixture of natural wood, leather, metal and ceramics about the house create an impact of noble antiquity. The residing room furniture is the most incredible items in the entire house. The superbly crafted oak staircase is an another focal point of the house. The uniqueness of this nation house, w is that all the interior filled with custom styles by different artists.









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