Automatic Soothing Lounge Space Style

Here is the sustainable design that dedicated for each Health and Artwork without ignore the functionality. It is the “Water Wellness Lounge” created by DNC Events Group for IFC (International Friends Corporate). An exclusive region set includes a very low-table, a couple of chairs and three large screens, designed to involve the guest in a route through multi-sensory atmosphere conducive to an experience that incorporates various aspects from the sheer physicality of the perception, to arrive at a situation of nicely-becoming. A distinctive experience in which video clip projections, seems and smells figure out a new way of understanding and communicating the Wellness luxury, building on the desires and expectations of those who want to comprehend what it indicates to “be good”. Just sit back again, loosen up and view the captivating images as they roll by on the large screens that offer a panoramic watch of the various components: water, fire, land and air. It’s like drifting from reality into a fantasy world exactly where your enjoyment, relaxation and fondest desires are totally free from interruption. Tasty sweets and Japanese natural specialties are offered along with soft and sweet perfume fragrances to improve your experience. The Wave Lounge can be installed in private homes or Apartment so you can unload all your burdens and decrease your tension on a daily basis.




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