Barrack Obama US Presidents New Oval Office

Millions of people tuned in last night as President Obama addressed the nation. Now no one was able to get a good sure look, but the Oval Office recently received a complete makeover. The office renovated to welcome the new US President as many more comfortable furnishings and a neutral palette. The sunburst beautiful carpet has been replaced by a new rug which takes a more subtle approach to color and pattern. Other things shown the door were Bush’s yellow couches and his gold tones around the room. Obama too played a small part in the remodeling of the features which is a collection of “safe” tones like beiges, taupes, and creams. Some may tribute this to Obama’s tendency to sit on the fence, or appease the masses. Our favorite piece would have to be the new rug. Flanked with the presidential seal and inspirational quotes the new rug is made from 25% recycled wool. What a great way to introduce some eco-friendly element into the room. We personally do not feel this remodel has that grand of a “wow” factor helping to distinguish it from Bush’s design. They both used minimal amounts of color and typical, oversized furniture. The waiting room is made comfortable wit lush sofa sets and fire place. Te US President Barrack Obama as to obviously keep is visitors comfortable. The main office of Obama has not taken a major change except the lights and few minor changes to the furniture.







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