Bed and Breakfast Attic Apartment Interiors

Maff apartment The Hague is a 30 sq meter apartment with bathroom, kitchen, sleeping space and residing area. MAFF Apartment located at The Hague, Netherlands, is a bed and breakfast attic apartment situated on top floor of a private home. The Hague is the 3rd biggest town in Netherlands with all the convenience of a metropolitan town and the feel of a little city. It has an impressive glass and metal skyline just like any other metropolitan cities and the internal city has parks, woodlands, lake and all the serenity of a green town. It is also known as the Judicial Funds of the Globe simply because of the numerous international courts. The Hague has beautiful seashore and the biggest railway station in Netherlands. MAFF Apartment is located in the middle of the town, five minutes away from the railway station. Town hall, Government buildings, retailers, restaurants and theater can be accessed easily from here. MAFF Apartment designed by the Queeste Architecten is a stylish tiny small space suitable for business and weekend visitors. Queeste Architecten have carried out a fantastic task designing the space of 30 sq meters. The attic of an aged historic mansion is converted into a luxurious bed and breakfast lodge. The apartment has individual independent entry with intercom facility via a communal staircase. The apartment is designed with all the comforts of modern lodging including bed for two, dining area for four, sufficient storage space, a little residing area and a modern bathroom with shower. In spite of it, it has the sensation of spaciousness and its personal distinct identity. There is a central open space and a little garret window at the rear of the space. View to the courtyard beneath is available from this window. Rest room, storage cabinets and wash basin are also located at the rear finish of the space. The kitchen is centrally located in between the front finish and the rear finish. It can be observed directly from the entrance door. The roof has a beautiful pyramid shape with big skylight windows in front of the kitchen counter. It is the supply of sufficient natural light. A continuous sofa encircles the dining table and continues further encircling the bed. The round edges and the orangish red colored seats of the sofa give an attractive look to the space. Epoxy floor and walls and cabinets painted in white give peaceful and soothing feel.








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