Breathtaking Tropical Dream House With Luxurious Interiors And Exteriors

Casa Ron Ron is the unique name given to this beautifully constructed mansion. It has been designed totally by Victor Cañas studio and it certainly is one of these dream houses that nobody could each and every forget. The location, situated in a long narrow field in Costa Rica overlooking the sea, the volcanoes and the breathtaking seashores. The greatest part is that each and every space has a view of this stunning light blue green waters. The framework was designed and re-designed several occasions til it reached its perfection. The dream home features two floors with public locations like visitor rooms, entertainments rooms and kitchen area downstairs and personal areas upstairs. A unique visitor bedroom is separated from the home but attached to it with a wooden bridge by the pool. The entry to the home is possible only via concrete tiles on a h2o.







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