Classic And Antique Looking Apartment In Moscow

What can you say about class and excellence on seeing the beneath pictures. They are truly amazing and stylish. The interior design of this 120 square meter apartment in Moscow, Russia is created by Daria Grigorieva. The fashion and design is totally Russian in nature. It has a complete wooden feel and impact with most of the furnishings design made of strong oak tree. 1 center of attraction is the floral ornament present right in the center of the residing room making the whole room classic. The feel is also like ancestral antique furnishings. The bedroom designs and rest room designs also are very historical and antique in nature. Every of the bedroom designs and bedroom interiors have lilies and irises which add some aristocratic elegance and romance to the ambiance of the apartment. The layout of the public region has is divided only visually. All doorways are formed as arches of trees or Noah arc entrance. The bedroom designs has no parallel walls so its smooth boundaries correspond to Art Nouveau fashion very nicely.










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