Coca Cola Training facility interior-Espacio C in Mixcoac Mexico

Espacio C is the initial coaching facility of Coca Cola which is situated at the Mixcoac Distribution Middle on the southwestern area of Mexico Metropolis. Espacio C in Spanish is imply C space, with C for the initials of Coca Cola. Created by nearby architecture agency, ROW Studio, Espacio C consist of three separate rooms that can be joined collectively for common actions, a mediateque, snacks bar, souvenir retailer, information and electrical connections and storage space. In addition, Espacio C Mixcoac has two small rooms with a capacity for 8 individuals each and every that can be utilized for teamwork, brainstorming, as learning rooms or for informal meetings and a large primary hall that in addition to the actions currently talked about can be utilized for formal coaching sessions, lectures and presentations. The focal point of the Espacio C is the walls and ceiling which was decorated with a Coca Cola Red epoxy paint coating and the floor is completed with a high resistance acrylic finish. The wall has openings that allow organic light and ventilation to the interior of the rooms.













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