Concrete Home From Outside But Lavish And Luxurious Inside in New Zealand

These lavish and deluxe home interiors are the work of the fantastic Stevens Lawsons Architects and this architecture overlooks the Browns Island in New Zealand. When you look at the house exteriors you shall certainly find them distinctive but you would least find it comfortable or cozy. If you do not find it comfortable then clearly the grey concrete has fooled you, because as soon as you consider your first stage within the whole view would get tossed by a 360 degree. Its stunning and stylish timber staircase connects the interiors very adoringly. Its spiral form has a dynamic impact on the overall interior design and is complemented by an stylish timber handrail. The cozy bedroom designs and the stylish and rich living space designs also steal the cake of being best rooms. This stunning house has three floors which house the bedrooms on the upper degree, the living areas situated on the center floor and a visitor space beneath. Large windows allow this home to be bathed in light and produce an extreme and inviting atmosphere.








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