Contemporary architecture home fashion

Architecture modern house styles – Maison du Béton in Zwickau, Germany by Atelier ST. Contemporary House , minimalist decor is a extremely nicely-liked way to give your house a modern style.
Maison du Béton by Atelier ST: Higher more than a river meadow a sharp edged dwelling house rises on the mild ridge of the Cainsdorfer nearby scenario. It tends to make use of the accessible hillside scenario of a generous property, contrasts by his unique geometry, nonetheless, consciously and strikingly with the grown landscape.
The internal complexity and the various room heights are not discernible from Outdoors and are experienceable only with entrance of the constructing for the visitor. Also it behaves with the development of the interiors. Of the hardness of the concrete more than all normal supplies action correct right here, like darkish wood, bright normal stone, cream-coloured supplies and in opposition to colours which emit a large warmth and security in the mixture.





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