Contemporary Modular Home Design on a Cliff Leading

Located on a cliff leading overlooking the ocean below Altamira residence is a modern modular house style consisting of independent modules. The modules include the main house, guest house, library and garage. Though they are independently built structures, with each other they appear linked via their exterior style. Altamira house is an award winning single family members house created by the architectural firm Marmol Radziner and Associates. It is located on a 20 acre ranch along the Palos Verdes Peninsula in California. The ranch is an undeveloped house covered with wild shrubs and vegetation. It is a perfect spot for savoring picnics, camping and family members time with each other. The owner of the house needed to retain the unkempt appear and really feel of the website.Altamira residence is a spacious house with a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and the encompassing landscapes. The house is created keeping in mind the geography and topography of the region. The modules are built on stage like formations on the sloping website. They appear as if they emerge from the land. The exteriors of the house are created in such a way that they merge nicely with the encompassing landscape. Concrete walls with stone veneer, glass windows and sloping roof style appear beautiful amongst the rocky terrain by the Pacific Ocean. Decomposed granite gravel paths are utilized to link various spots on the website such as camping deck, fire pits, swimming pool, vegetable garden and volleyball court. Man created structures mix extremely nicely with the all-natural landscape of the website.Interiors of the house appear warm and comfortable with wood casework and built in furnishings. Furnishings is created in a distinctive style matching with the rugged set up of the house. Open residing space is made up of residing space, dining space and kitchen area. In the kitchen area region there is a hanging guide self above kitchen area counter. Bedroom is sunny and spacious with slanting wooden roof fixed with accent lighting. Pendant lights in dining region are also distinctively created. There are huge open areas within the house providing it a calm really feel. Large glass windows provide seamless connection in between indoors and outdoors. They provide numerous views of encompassing expanses of beautiful landscapes and the Pacific Ocean. A huge swimming pool outside is surrounded by concrete deck and vegetable gardens.







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