Contemporary Wooden Wishbone Rocking Chair Style

British furniture designer Toby Howes have use various materials to creating this new development, it provides him an alternate view on shapes and textures, and the outcome is this Contemporary Wishbone Rocking Chair particularly comfortable for nursing mothers. It is secret behind the lines and from the side you can see each and every curve mirrors the others to give an unusual silhouette for a rocking chair. Initially, it was constructed totally out of maple but by including the walnut into the supporting curves, the two-tone now draws the eye via the chair lines. The shorter than usual rockers imply it doesn’t get up as a lot floor space and the design can be ‘au nature’ or upholstered to your taste. Although the design is contemporary, the woods used can be altered to fit in with a more traditionally furnished home as well. For more particulars please get a look from some image beneath.





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