Creative White Dining Table Design

This white intelligent table by the greatest manufacturer of furnishings Huelsta, comes in three lengths of 160, 190 and 220 cm. The table has 75cm peak and is 95cm in width. The most stunning part of this table is the clever extension mechanism which allows the table duration to be elevated to 220, 290 or 320 cm respectively.
The extension mechanism is made up of two individual anodised aluminium tubes pushed into 1 another. The within tube is reinforced by a metal rod. The end legs/frame framework is completely prolonged and the optional runners facilitate this extension procedure significantly. The extension board is nicely wrapped and folded beneath the table when not required. When folded out, it swings up to tabletop peak. The position of the legs substructure usually stays fixed at the corner factors of the tabletop, whether or not the unit is prolonged or not. Neither are there any much more annoying gaps in the tabletop when it is not folded out.






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