Energy Efficient Modern House Design on a Picturesque Site

Glen Echo house design is one of the modern houses at Glen Echo Enclave, Maryland. The house is a single family house with built up area of 8,000 sq feet on a 1.7 acres big site with plenty of mature hardwood trees overlooking the Potomac River. Glen Echo is one of the posh suburban areas in Washington DC. It was established long back in 1889 by two brothers Edwin and Edward Baltzley. They called it ‘Glen Echo on the Potomac, The Washington Rhine.’ They had plans to sell the plots to rich and affluent people to build their stone castles. Even today Glen Echo has retained its splendor. Glen Echo house is built on a pre-existing layout of the previous structure to avoid cutting down surrounding trees. The site with thick woods has a steep slope. The house is built without disturbing ecology of the site. An additional block is added to accommodate home office and guest quarters. A garage and office are on the ground level of this new structure. Upper level contains guest suite. A reflecting pool connects the additional block with the main house. The office block is built using Kalwall panels and translucent glass. This gives luminous glow to the structure.Kalwall panels are translucent sandwich panels made of composites of wood, fibers, metal and polymers using advanced technology. They extract and convert free energy from the Sun that can be utilized for the purpose of heating or cooling and for lighting the space. The panels have amazing strength in spite of being lightweight. Kalwall panels are used for effective insulation in a modern house design. Entire house is built using pre-cast concrete planks, concrete slabs and terrazzo flooring. Pre cast concrete planks are used to cover the open spaces also. Pre cast concrete planks offer added safety during natural disasters like earthquake, flood, and hurricane. They also provide fire safety, and general occupant comfort like noise reduction, stability etc. Technique of glazing is used on the Southern wall. As a result the house is energy efficient and utilizes nature sunlight for heating and cooling purposes. Surrounding trees, reflecting pool of water and a suspended pool at the height of 20 feet also offer a huge relief from the summer heat. For the exteriors wood siding is done in soft gray. Bluestone gravel is spread in front of the house. Interiors are done with white Oak Cabinets, white terrazzo tiles and Aluminum. Windows frames are made of black steel. Interiors are bright and with minimal details. As a result outdoor natural beauty draws the attention from inside. Glass doors give fantastic view of the woods.










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