Funky Interior Design In Cream and Off-White For A Large Family Home

Kensington House in London is a 6 floors family members home for an worldwide couple constructed in modern style with all the modern day convenience and state of the art technology. British architects and interior designer SHH have designed the interiors of this spacious luxurious home. Whole home interiors are designed in creme and off white as per the client’s request. The home in creme and off white interiors looks funky and at the same time very sophisticated. Lower 3 floors of this big family members home consists of a big reception space, formal living space, dining space, family members space, cinema space and pool space. Whole fourth floor is allotted to grasp suite and rest of the two floors home remaining 5 bedrooms. Primary entrance of the home is at the upper ground degree. A big entry foyer has a totally free floating staircase leading upstairs. Principle reception space can be accessed from the foyer. The entry foyer has limestone flooring and creased pearl wallpaper. Matching mirror with silver gilt is subsequent to the primary door. A rabbit fur upholstered ottoman and a series of broom lamps in different heights tends to make the décor perfect. The reception space on the same floor is a big area divided into two separate locations, the formal fifty percent and casual fifty percent. The formal fifty percent of the space is designed with the greatest chandelier, big convenience sofas, two leather chairs and tables. The casual or semi-formal fifty percent of the reception space has small chandeliers, low modular seating upholstered in off white velvet, leather upholstered chair and a fake fur pouf. Reception area has beautiful white rugs and cream colored silk curtains matching with the furniture. The family members space is decorated in lotions and all-natural shades. A big mirror on wall displays far finish of the space. Furniture includes a wall unit for Television and storage, modular sofa with silk cushions, coffee table created of fifty percent ottoman and fifty percent glass, a side table in hourglass shape and a small floor lamp. Floor is totally carpeted with a rug on it. Curtains are created of transparent tea biscuit fabric. The dining space is exclusively designed with Italian table and chairs placed in front of a cross combed plaster wall with a fire location. The remaining walls are covered with alternate strips of circular designed voile and simple silk weave. The primary attraction of the space is hanging balls of mild crusted with a lot of tiny Swarovski crystals. Various dimension balls are hung at different levels. The cinema space has 62 inch plasma screen Television fixed into a black suede wall with overhead lights to highlight the wall. Totally carpeted space has Boa sofa, lots of cushions and Dolmen lights. String curtains cover the walls. All the bedrooms are designed as per the taste and choice of the residents. Color scheme, theme of the space and furniture are selected following consulting the owner of the space. They reflect the choice and character of the residents. Whole initial floor is occupied by the grasp suite. It is designed luxuriously in off white and lotions. Contemporary chandelier created up of Swarovski crystals adds up to the beauty of the suite. Other bedrooms are designed in pink, floral styles, turquoise, with Japanese theme and simple gray.

















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