Geometric Shaped Creative And Contemporary Home Style

Traditional house designs have 4 exterior sides. If your house has a beautiful scenic see, a geometric house style with much more than 4 exterior sides, for instance pentagons or octagons, can offer a much better all encompassing see of the scenery outside. Geometric house style coupled with contemporary interiors provides a remarkable effect to the house surrounded by scenic elegance.These days I am going to share the images of a luxury house called Casa Zafra, designed by a Spanish architect Eduardo Arroyo. Eduardo Arroyo is a well known architect for his knowing of not only Spanish architecture, but the European architecture as a whole. His architectural style incorporates various elements of pragmatism, rigor, playful geometry, simplicity, and aesthetics. This is a asymmetric geometry oriented polygonal house built on leading of a golf course. The geometric house style extensively uses wire mesh and metal architecture. The wire mesh serves as an aesthetic accent as well as a shield against golf balls.Casa Zafra is a two story contemporary house surrounded by distant landscapes. There are no houses in vicinity except empty environment. The house is designed keeping in thoughts that every and room gets a unique see of surrounding landscapes. Living room offers mountain see, higher level bed room has a see of the old town and a river, and exterior terrace and golf course can be seen from the kitchen. The whole exteriors have jagged holes of irregular geometrical designs. Natural mild filters via these holes within the smooth interiors at different times of the day.Whole South façade is covered with metal mesh safeguarding dining room and bed room from the golf balls and direct sunlight. There are two enclosed terraces upstairs. Each the terraces open to the sky only. 1 of them has an unique assortment of cacti and the other terrace has screened openings that preserve the privacy of the residents. Whole interiors of the house have no doors, however every space is defined and serve their respective purposes.The residents of the house have contemporary lifestyle. Minimalist interiors of the modern geometric house reflect the lifestyle of the residents. Interiors of the house reflect the state of thoughts of the residents, calm and clutter free. Interior space is defined superbly by minimal objects. Natural mild filtering via the various openings and its different hues give a unique style and aura to the interiors.







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