Glamorous Juliet Supperclub Interior

If you are searching for a luxury nightclub complete with celebrity chef Todd English’s restaurant in New York City, Juliet Supperclub is the greatest option. New York base architecture company, bluarch architecture + interiors have commisioned by the nightclub proprietor, Jon B to create the legendary Persian interior with concept based on the symbols and the tales of “One Thousand and one Nights”. The outcome is a Glamorous Supperclub Interior with borders fragile and has a soft, attractive experience. Juliet Supperclub is a shimmering bi-degree space of gold cladding supplies and lacquered furnishings, mirrored tiles is laid more than the entire main space and folds more than the walls and the bar. The space vibrates with the mosaic mirror, and the gloss black laser-reduce ribs lining the walls represent a warping, natural profile. Features two-layer ceiling , laser-reduce fixture resting on the ribs, exactly where every layers are patterned in a common middle-eastern archetype, but in two various scales of magnitude. The top layer is white opposing the mirrored bottom layer. The seat is produced of stand with sensual outlines, and the upper degree extends to the main space to align the lower rooms. The tables are produced in a sumptuous, complete profile, and are painted in a deep, , blue Mediterranean.









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