Innovative And Creative Inclined Luxury Home Interiors

Here is a house that is the very epitome of modern minimalist architecture which turns the concept of design on its head. When you first get a glimpse of this house, you will most certainly do a double take and rub your eyes in disbelief. Has the earth caved in, you’d wonder. Well, think again. This unique piece of architecture is the brainchild of Nunatak Architects who have credited the agnificent Swiss Alps as the source of their inspiration. Located in Switzerland, this inclined house is actually a block placed at an incline on the ground and takes its inspiration from the natural surroundings. The sloping sides of the house are inspired by the eastern and the western flanks of the mountains and even the color grey is evocative of the grey mountains.The Nunatak Architects also spared no effort making the house eco – friendly. To that end, the house was constructed using eco-friendly prefabricated wood framework, passive heating, interiors coated with painted wood particles, protection from external heat with an insulation coat and the concrete flooring of the house equipped with an integrated heating system.The philosophy of minimalist home designs subscribes to “less is more” and this concept calls for clean lines, simple color palettes and uncluttered surfaces. Classic Japanese design is essentially minimalist in nature and has been one of the inspirations for minimalism. Architects who subscribe to minimalist design aim to break down forms and structures to their basic elements, removing dimensions from spaces and connecting the intersecting visual planes of the building. This approach leaves the architect with considerable room to play with wide open spaces in the interiors.Minimalist design is becoming increasingly popular and consequently architectural firms like Nunatak Architects are much in demand. For the uninitiated, minimalist designs are either modern or contemporary although the unifying elements are forms, colors and textures as opposed to embellishment. Creating a sense of airiness and maximizing the filtering in of natural light is achieved by large walls of windows or glass. Modern minimalist homes usually have white or neutral walls with negligible trim work or window casings. Minimalist home designs such as the inclined house stress on bold geometric forms along with an asymmetrical balance and form usually predominates over function. The flooring is generally constitutes surfaces that need easy maintenance such as concrete, linoleum, stone or tile such as the grey concrete flooring in the inclined house.








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