Interior Design of 80s-detached House in Aarhus Denmark

Here is the Stunning 80s-detached House located in a suburb of Aarhus Denmark. When we purchased the 80s-detached home, we were looking for an architect-designed home in a good place and with the possibility of ongoing renovation. For the interior designer couple Lisbeth and Thomas Hesseldahl this home had some good fundamental options with many open spaces, big wall surfaces and ceilings to tilt. Parcel home has been up to date but still consists of its authentic fashion and it is paired pleased. A detached home is often very nicely arranged with out wasting room. Please Take a appear for the spectacular classic home Interior design this kind of as the spacious living space, high-ceilinged reception space, comfortable Bed room, White Dining Room, new kitchen from JKE, and also the mosaic decorative Bathroom design from some inspirational pictures and info below which was taken by Journalist Jens Barslund and Photographer Lars Kaslov.








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