Interior Design of Miyasaka Residence in Obihiro Japan

Right here is the Architectural capabilities of Miyasaka Household Residence by an artistic architects Robert Harvey Oshatz. This is a stunning and unique modern residence which is located in Obihiro, Japan. Typical of urban style and was conceived to seem as a radiant jewel in the midst of an urban garden oasis. Miyasaka residence bridges the aesthetics of two disparate cultures, emblematic of neither, but summoning echoes of both. The roof of the constructing like a UFO. Interior style with pillars of house produced from stone and wood supplies that is produced prominent. the organic texture and framework in the interior of the ship such as the curve with the curvature of the rib with the bait in daring. Please get a seem for the japanese fashion interior style such as the living space, bed , kitchen, bathroom and also the stairs style from some inspirational image below, hope you like it.







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