Interior Fashion of The Stunning Glass House in Ansley Park Atlanta

The Ansley Glass House was created by Brian Bell and David Yocum of the Atlanta, Georgia mainly primarily based BLDGS Architects. The Spectacular Glass home framework is capped with an occupiable roof deck surrounded by glass guardrails and clerestories, the undertaking replaces a sequence of additions to a 1910-era home with a new glass-lined residing space such as a garage, kitchen, family room, library, and a new stair linking 3 ranges. The interior spaces are organized as a sequence of split-ranges, each and every spiraling about a new central stair. The use of glass curtain-walls as a cladding supplies establishes a permeable boundary in between the home and its immediate context, provides for light and views, and materially engages the glass skyscrapers visible on the immediate horizon. Get a appear for the glass home interior design this type of as the residing room, dining room, and kitchen from some inspirational picture below.






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