Interior Style of the Eagles Nest Private Resort in New Zealand

Eagles Nest Personal Resort is Situated on the Tapeka tip of the Russell peninsula in the heart of the sub-tropical paradise of Northland’s Bay of Islands,New Zealand.  The distinctive micro-local weather provides the best climate in the region and the perfect place to holiday yr-round. The crowning glory is an fashionable line of pale grey granite, glass and steel, a state of the art architectural improvement called Rahimoana which, translated from Maori, signifies Sun God more than the Ocean. The Resort Interior functions four private en-suite bedrooms with original artwork, Heated jacuzzi, Far infra red sauna, Surround sound house theatre with a two and fifty percent meter display, and a Sound strategies in all rooms. Let’s get a seem for the resort interior style this kind of as the magnificent residing space style, an fashionable bedroom, contemporary bathroom, fireplaces, and also the cool lounge space style from some inspirational image beneath.







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