Karboxx lamp types modern Italian lights and lamps

Karboxx is a completely new concept style technologies utilized to modern  interior lighting. Karboxx, youthful and groundbreaking lighting company, has the mission to produce lamps with an distinctive and refined style, via the use of groundbreaking and technological supplies, this kind of as carbon fibre and fibre- glass, distinctive functions of the trademark. Karboxx has a progressive collection of most distinctive lamps like the “Black Sun” proven right here in wavy glass, and the tall slender “Drink” floor lamp that suggestions to offer directional gentle. A minimal style, linear forms, hi there- tech and extreme research are the fundamentals of Karboxx production. Mild, resistant and contemporary supplies, with distinctive, refined, trendy, minimal but also comfortable shades, created by Enrico Franzolini, Vicente Garcìa Jimènez, Brian Rasmussen, Fabio Flora and Serena Papait.





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