Lavish And Luxurious Resort On Airplane In Netherlands

While surfing the net we came across a unique form of a hotel one of our most amazing find. It’s a luxury suite hotel which is built inside a decommissioned German plane. Yes I know it sounds amazing itself. Parked permanently on the ground at Teuge Airport, in the Netherlands, this airplane no longer flies but certainly reaches new records in terms of modern luxury, as well as the obvious novelty factor.
While the exterior beautiful and calm like a propeller-powered aircraft, the interior is very stylish, luxurious and sensational. The styling leans towards the futuristic, through the clever use of the aircraft’s shape, and leaves you with an image that the era of living depicted in the The Jetsons can’t come to us soon enough. The hotel is obviously tuned into the romanticism of staying aboard a propeller-powered aircraft, as you can pre-order Champagne and Roses to be waiting for you on arrival.






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