Lavish And Luxurious Wooden Bridge House Interior Designs

The Wood Bridge Home is located in Kent, Connecticut very close from Kent Falls State Park. The title Wood Bridge house was given to it simply because it had a complete interior and exterior of wood materials and the outlook of the house or the exterior style of the house looked like a bridge from far. This lavish and deluxe wood house has been constructed was up in the mountains and has a breathtaking view of snow capped mountains too. This house has been created by interior designer Joeb Moore + Partners Architects and has a complete spread of 5,000 square foot.The wood residing room styles and the dining room styles have been merged with a stunning vertical stair mild wells which create a contemporary example of a type of digital camera viewer or viewing chamber that tends to make connection with outside conditions and outside globe. If you see carefully the residing room styles below you too would adore the interior styles and the exterior mountain views. If you see the kitchen styles it too has a stunning panoramic lavish view of the snow capped mountains. The wood really feel of furniture all about you add the the coziness and romance impact in the entire house.








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