Low Budget Low Maintenance Home Design

If you planning to build your own home but have severe budget constraints and you are looking at building a low budget home, then Giulietti/Schouten Architects are whom you should approach because building low budget homes is their speciality. In fact, Giulietti/Schouten have always maintained that homes should be as unique as the individuals that reside within them and they always customize the home based on the unique requirements of their customers. So if your requirement is a low budget home, you will be amazed at the kind of innovative measures that Giulietti/ Schouten will come up with so that your savings at time of the completion of the project will be way beyond your initial estimations.Their expertise also extends to small –scale commercial projects and schools, art galleries, offices, performance theaters, renovation projects and historic restorations comprise their portfolio. Interestingly, G/S Architects have attracted a considerable number of commercial clients because of the residential ambiance that they bring to their commercial spaces. Giulietti/Schouten Architects not only specialize in low budget homes but they are also skilled in constructing exceptionally low maintenance homes by utilizing materials and features such as galvanized metal sliding, aluminum windows and veneer wood furniture. They also take remodeling projects such as kitchen remodeling etc.Giulietti/Schouten Architects demonstrate that a low budget home does not necessarily have to be built with low quality materials. On the contrary low budget homes use good quality materials which are inexpensive and functional but not fashionable. For instance, aluminum windows would never be the preferred choice of a wealthy individual who would not only go for materials which are high quality but they should also be fashionable, look upscale with upscale prices. Aluminium is hardy, durable and inexpensive and ideal for a low budget home whose owners are concerned about cost and durability and couldn’t care less about the snob value of the product. Low maintenance can also arise from utilizing green concepts which support sustainable living such as a solar hot water heater, low voltage lighting and harvesting rainwater for water supply.Architects advise those going in for a low cost home to choose simple shapes such as square or rectangular floor plans because triangles, trapezoids or other complex shapes are difficult and expensive to build. Another method to save on costs is to strictly avoid cathedral ceilings and complicated roof-lines. In fact, the best method would be to go for a dome home which is the most affordable.The second rule for a low cost home is to opt for two or three stories instead of extending horizontally because the living space will be similar in a taller house but the roof and the foundation is smaller and moreover the plumbing and the ventilation will be less expensive. Solid wood always looks beautiful but unfortunately it is also very expensive so, if you want a budget home, opt for less expensive alternatives such as open shelving or stainless steel cabinets with frosted glass doors.







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