Luxurious Beach House Interior And Exterior Design Ideas

Integrated interior design with exterior spaces, which are all designed to allow the sea breeze and wind flow all year round. Each room in the house has a view of the wide spread ocean. Three levels of platforms in the pool allow guests to lay on the water, sit and lounge. The house is about 20,000 square meters, and consists of three rooms and two outdoor lounges, a large dining room overlooking the pool based on the exit to the sea, and the outside mini bar area. It’s placed on a cliff with a magnificent panorama view of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a private beach house located on the North coast of the Dominican Republic. This interior design of the beach house gives an extraordinary zeal.The most challenging part of the interior design ideas for this house is the size of the house. The entire house as said above is 20,000 sq meters and that is huge in terms of the time and accessiblity of resources they had. The interior design ideas was thought of it well and in great depth before plunging into actually implementing it.







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