Luxury Hedonist Yacht with Trendy interior

Artwork of Kinetik was renowned in creates bespoke luxury wooden yachts, and this time the business sure that Hedonist is the purest form of artwork and technology imaginable, embodying the extremely soul of them. From the description, we immediately understand that the Hedonist is an excellent luxury yacht which is their pride. Of program, they prove it by n the beautifully captures the essence of contemporary living – freedom and luxurious comfort all in one. Presenting a stunningly uncommon exterior by combining ranges of refinement and comfort with daring appears and matchless performance, this 63 foot yacht epitomizes the genre, where its strong mahogany hull and Rolls Royce water jets combine to provide an unusually easy trip even at the leading pace of 40 knots. The remarkable interior appeared to be simple – fashionable but timeless and refined but bold, aesthetics is in every detail, no screws are visible at any stage and nor is any plastic. Provides ample interior to sleep 2-3 people and also can hold a maximum of twelve people onboard so is perfect for a sophisticated soiree of the sea.








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