Luxury New Eterne Drop-in Bathtub Design

Right here is the new bathroom goods by Pearl Bath in their New Eterne Series. Pearl Bath usually provides an exceptional range of bathroom goods designed to offer relief and relaxation for body, mind and soul. Alter a tired master bathroom into a luxurious retreat with the Eterne drop-in bathtub by Pearl Bath. With its seamless style, Eterne bathtub is luxury at its best, the lavish Eterne bathtub lets you unwind in utter carefree comfort. As comfort is regarded as leading priority at Pearl, Eterne functions ingeniously integrated armrests that are perfectly positioned for extra ease and support, Sleek Integrated Handles Handrails, Ozonator Whirlpool System, and a Back massage. Sleek Integrated Handles Handrails offer security and assurance when entering or exiting the bathtub. Ozonator Whirlpool System, This technologies purifies bath water, providing a secure and clean bathing experience. Back massage Four microjets and two potent rotating water jets alleviate muscle and joint aches and restore your energy levels.





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