Magical Xmas Eve Interior Decoration at The Ritz Hotel London

Have you planned how and exactly where you will celebrate the xmas eve this many years..? How about in a Hotel..? Celebrate the xmas eve at The Ritz Hotel London and make it a festive time to keep in mind, permanently. At xmas The Ritz hotel turns into much more magical than common with a magnificent Xmas tree taking pride of location in the lobby. Xmas dining at The Ritz restaurant is nothing short of magnificent when the profesional chefs will jigger up a glorious menu of festive dishes that utterly surpass expectations, dine in the most stunning dining space in the globe beneath a hand-painted ceiling, hung with magnificent chandeliers. The Ritz hotel offers 5 kinds of suite, all with stunning, completely restored time time period interiors, and whichever bed room or suite you choose, you will encounter the best in luxury accommodation in London.











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