Minimalist Interior Design of Seaside Apartment in Carcavelos Portugal

Right here is the Little Apartment which is created by Architect Hugo Proenca and situated at close to the seaside, in Carcavelos, Cascais, Portugal. The Architect have finished a single residential house – residing room, bed , dining room, kitchen and bathroom, with out preconceived functional ideas. With the use of carpentry as the basis of the intervention, the exact same materials for the exact same function, to conquer the basic need – storage. The creation of two front-to-front cabinet units define and frame the residing room. Although one (white, closed and complete peak) define the entrance of the bed , the other (black, open and 2,10m tall) defines the passage into the dining area and breaks via to the kitchen. The worktops and the kitchen units follow the exact same language – clean, straight and functional. The flooring is neutral, light grey, reflecting the sunlight that enters via the windows. Please get a look for this Seaside apartment minimalist but elegant interior style from some inspirational image beneath which was taken by photographer FG+SG (Fernando Guerra and Sergio Guerra).








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