Contemporary Apartment-entrance Doorways from Oikos

As we know that the door is an important facet of any apartment and its fashion should impact and be influenced by all the other components of apartment interior. There are Tekno doorways, a pretty outstanding assortment of contemporary apartment-entrance doorways from Oikos, tekno doorways is a powerhouse of innovation, fashion, elegance, strength and reliability. The rigorous lines and volumes of a Tekno door perfectly fit in with any contemporary architectural undertaking, expressing a youthful, innovative and culturally contemporary fashion. Much more than just an armoured door, a greater-effectiveness entrance door, a devoted assortment of coverings and accessories created by Adriani and Rossi, an exclusive assortment for any contemporary interior fashion undertaking, using the fashion supplies and colours of today‘s furnishing, enjoyment and contemporary residing this kind of as an aluminium, distinctive glass, steel, technical supplies, and a assortment of up-to-date colours. Some of them appear pretty futuristic, but can really fit in a contemporary place, with minimalist furnishings or with a appropriate colour arrangement, Lets verify it out…!











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