Modern Luxury House Design in Manhattan Beach

The contemporary luxury home with magnificent shining exteriors coated by Mangaris wood and matching staircase is designed and built by the architect designer Steve Lazar. A small stream of water flows on the riverbed stones side by side the wooden staircase. The three tale contemporary home is built using Japanese wood Mangaris. This is his family members house with a magnificent view of the sea. Manhattan Beach is a coastal city of wealthy and people with the greatest price of residing in The united states. It is only 19 miles away from Los Angeles. Real estate prices are very higher right here and attributes with ocean view price even more. Manhattan Beach has approximate 2 miles of beach front that covers nearly 40 acres of recreational area. Manhattan Beach is wealthy in all-natural elegance. It has a lot of parks and parkways covering approximately 48 acres by the main parks and 21 acres by the Manhattan Beach Parkway. The three tale modern home is built with sliding glass doorways and large windows that allow coastal breeze to movement around the home. They also provide a beautiful view of the seashore from within the home. The designer has created numerous open areas in the home that are utilized as sitting locations. Living room is on the initial floor of the home with a huge patio. The patio is decorated with beautiful lights and decorative plants. Outside room is created with a big stuffed outside bed and a side table. The outside area looks like a comfortable retreat in front of the sea. Interiors of the entire home have a spectacular visual impact. They are carried out in contemporary modern style. Wood flooring with white walls creates a warm and inviting ambiance. White furniture with green and blue accents gives calm sensation. Colourful mosaic tiles with stainless metal as accent are utilized for the kitchen and bathrooms. Recessed lighting is perfect to illuminate beautiful interiors. Decorative ceiling fans among wood coated ceilings look very stylish. White sconce lights are utilized to decorate walls. Nearly all the equipment are smooth, elegantly shaped and in white colour. Bedroom has a stylish bed with an elegant wood cabinet. Wood function in all the rooms is neat and very appealing. Bedroom opens in a small balcony with a view of the sea. All the windows in the home have dark brown shades. The glorious Manhattan Beach home interiors and exteriors are nature inspired and incredibly beautiful.

















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