Modern Luxury Waterfall House Design

The waterfall house, located at Buenos Aires, Argentina, designed by the award winning architectural firm Andres Remy Architects, is an incredible amalgamation of nature with architecture. A man made waterfall is incorporated in the house design. The gushing water falls into a pool below. The indoor pool visually merges with a small lake at the back of the house. The architectural firm Andres Remy Architects is one of the best firms in Argentina offering premium home designs. They have won various national and international awards for the exemplary architectural designs. Their house designs combine functionality and innovation. Their multi-disciplinary team carefully studies location’s culture, climate and geographic conditions before designing a plan.The waterfall house was designed as per the request of a young client. The site is located next to a beautiful calm lake. So, the lake is used as a visual focal point. The waterfall house is a two story building with living area located at the upper level capturing the panoramic view of the lake. Private areas are located at ground level to maintain privacy. The front portion of the house hosts service area. There is a shallow pool at the back of the house that blends very well with the outdoor lake and other natural elements. It expands the boundaries of the house. Windows are designed in such a way that they offer a view of the waterfall and nature outside without compromising privacy.Sparkling water falling from the height creates dancing reflections. Rhythmic sound of falling water creates melodious atmosphere. The dazzling view from the living room stimulates all the senses. At lower level waterfall creates a screen of water in front of the windows. As a result piercing Northern light is blocked. It provides refreshing feeling to the room. The house design looks dynamic and stunningly beautiful due to waterfall. The client is young and socially active. The waterfall house is designed considering future family requirements of the client. The front portion has a closed design maintaining privacy from the street. It consists of service area, playroom and garage. Bedrooms and living room at located at the rear side of the house with a view of the waterfall and the pool. Living area is designed in neutral color pallet in contemporary style. Wooden flooring and living room furniture harmonize well with each other. Entire house has unique lighting. In living room partially concealed lights create beautiful reflections of light and shadows. Kitchen has blue florescent lights. Bedroom has plenty of natural light through ceiling window.The waterfall house is an amazing modern house designed by a team of talented architects.









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