Modern – Stylish and Atmosphere Pleasant House Style

This elegant and environment pleasant home surrounded by Red Oak and Elm trees is definitely neighbors’ envy and owner’s pride. It is located at Dallas, Texas. The home style of this two tale building is a collaborative effort between Cunningham Architects and the award winning landscape designers Hocker Style Group, both located at Dallas, Texas. Hocker Style Group has substantial experience in creating landscapes for rural, urban and agricultural needs.As a result of climate modifications, eco pleasant home designs are in need. Eco pleasant homes are also known as Green homes or sustainable landscapes. Such houses are built to protect environment and conserve natural sources. Eco pleasant home designs use materials like solar panels, wind turbines, rocks, trees and vegetation. Techniques like water conservation, glazing, insulation, recycling are utilized to fight intense climate conditions.The exterior three sides of this eco pleasant home are covered by a rain screen system created up of Ipe hardwood that provides beautiful silver grey sheen. The entire South facade is covered by 8 feet broad sliding glass doorways. This provides an sufficient see of lush green garden and an infinity edge swimming pool. A porch, in front of the façade, covered by a cantilevered roof is an ideal place to recline in front of the swimming pool. The glass tiled swimming pool surrounded by garden walls is a huge relief from harsh and sunny Texas weather.The interiors of this two tale home are created in such a way that there is sufficient area to show a big assortment of artwork and vehicles. The concrete flooring downstairs blends very nicely with the exterior deck and encompassing garden. Stylish woodwork and soothing lighting in dining area produces an appropriate ambiance for a leisurely meal. Sitting area in front of the Tv utilizes natural light. The upper degree comprises of the guest room and artwork studio. Stunning artwork function displayed in upper degree balconies tends to make the area aesthetically satisfying.The home is set at the far rear finish of the great deal. Mass planting in the garden tends to make the home invisible from the road. The garden is paved by the big stone slabs top from the road to the home. A fire pit is also integrated in the garden. It is surrounded by the organic pathways. Exteriors and interiors of the garden home blend nicely with every other.









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