New artwork Villa interior style

If you are looking for a new style villa with new art interior style as a source of inspiration, the Dali Villa had all of your criteria. Situated in near Hague, Netherlands, this Art nouveau villas was designed by 123DV Architecture & Consult on 430 sqm Undertaking Area. The customers are nautical minded and have a love of art, sculptures and particularly the work of Salvador Dali, so the style idea is to produce a very private house which would reflect their passions. Throughout the preliminary style discussions 123DV architecture, the consumer were fascinated by the closed white stucco facades and metal fences in Jugendstil style. The challenge for the architect group is to mix the beautiful Jugendstil forms, the closed facades, the treasures of the diving globe and the unique works of the artist Dalí in one villa. The result is a cylindrical white stucco primary constructing with a nautilus spiral framework inside; representing the globe of diving. The closed facade dealing with the road represents the so known as Spanish architecture with a blown up ‘Jugendstil’ pattern in the six meter wooden panel as the entrance. In the centre of the house there is a double story cylindrical room. The interior style functions a custom designed furnishings, the residing space with modern fireplaces, kitchen with chic bar, private library with custom designed bookshelves, wooden dining space and big artistic bedroom.








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