Nursery Sets And Baby Room Furniture For Your New Born

The birth of a baby is a cause for great excitement and parents, especially the first time parents cannot contain their excitement and happiness. Parents naturally want the best for their babies and there is a rush to buy the very best, clothes, toys and furniture. Not everyone is able to provide a room exclusively for their baby but if you are one of the lucky few whose home is spacious enough to accommodate a baby’s nursery, then you should go for the best quality baby’s furniture. Of course, if you have made up your mind to have a baby’s nursery, then plan and decorate the nursery well in advance so that the room is ready the moment your little angel enters your home. If you are looking for baby’s furniture, then look no further and take a detour to Paidi, the German company whose speciality is crafting high quality baby furniture. New owners of Paidi baby furniture will be following in the footsteps of generations of parents who have been placing their trust in Paidi furniture since the inception of the company 75 years back. Needless to say, baby’s furniture needs to conform to the highest safety standards and with Paidi, you can be confident that you will be providing your baby with a safe and secure environment. As soon as a baby learns to crawl and explore his surroundings, you cannot take chances with poor quality furniture which may have sharp edges, protruding nails or toxic paint. With Paidi you know that you are getting the very best because their furniture is the perfect blend of beauty, functionality, safety and durability.The issue of toxic contents in paints has been becoming a cause for concern nowadays due to reports of their adverse effects on our health. Children are all the more sensitive to chemicals and for that reason baby’s furniture has to be absolutely free of any dangerous toxins whatsoever. Paidi has been very particular that all the paints, protection-balsams and waxes used by them conform to the strict requirements of the EN 71-3 and DIN 53160 norms. So, even if your baby bites or attempts to suck at the furniture, you can rest assured that your child will not come to any harm.Paidi uses only the best materials for their furniture such as solid wood, Fine Wooden Boards, Real Wood Veneers or Imitation Wood. For the solid wood furniture, Paidi mainly uses beech, spruce, alder and beech timbers whereas for the fine wooden boards, Paidi only selects the very best that conform to the strict E1 norm. For coating the board materials, Paidi uses melamine resin and foils due to their ease of maintenance. Paidi always goes the extra mile to ensure that their furniture is the safest for your children. For instance, a cushioning system is found on every door of an item of Paidi furniture such as the braking door for your child’s hands ensures that the door closes slowly and gently. Moreover, except for a few cases where technical reasons do not allow, all the Paidi drawers are fitted with runners. This innovative mechanism has a stop function which ensures automatic closing and also easy cleaning and smooth running. Every piece of Paidi’s furniture is beautifully crafted with bright and airy colors.



















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