Patchwork House in Coastal Area

The River Street House is a fully sustainable, green house style built by Studio A Architecture. 1 aspect of the house opens up to the spreading vistas of coastal landscapes and the other aspect is coated by the deep second growth maritime forest. Nestled amongst sufficient natural beauty, the River Street House is built utilizing sustainable building materials. Windows of the house are assembled utilizing reclaimed cypress, roofs are vegetated and walls are coated by rain screens. Sustainable technologies such as geothermal HVAC and foam-in-location insulation are utilized to make the house energy effective. Effective lights, h2o saving plumbing, collection of storm h2o for landscape watering etc make the house a perfectly ‘Green’ sustainable, energy effective house. There is an in built energy saving system that closes off for a portion of the house when not in use. 5,000 sq feet River Street house is designed utilizing patchwork house style and built on a long narrow strip. A patchwork house strategy is conceived of several modules that can be constructed gradually as and when the spatial need arise such as when the family grows or add visitor rooms. At first only core residing unit is built that satisfies the spatial requirements of two adults. As family grows extra modules are built according to the strategy to accommodate the requirements of family members. Extra bedrooms, entertainment region or extra bathrooms can be built. Patchwork house style caters to the requirements of a expanding family by including modules. Main entrance of the River Street house is through a small clearing of the forests. An angular copper bay close to an entry court prospects to the main house. The house has four bedrooms, residing region, visitor rooms, library and a house office. They are built in several modules. 1 of them is the main house module containing residing space, kitchen area, dining space and library. Another module consists of master suite and house office. Guest wing with two bedrooms is a separate module. The house has big outdoor areas on various ranges. They add fascinating architectural elements to the house. Outdoors include deck level swimming pool, screen porch and second level terraces. Swimming pool is centrally situated surrounded by a U shaped deck. All 3 modules of the house are situated on 3 sides of the pool. These 3 sections can be cooled or heated individually to save the energy. 2nd level terraces are vegetated roofs for the ground level. 3 various modules with beautiful outdoor areas create fascinating landscape. The River Street house is a beautiful combination of nature and man made structures. The house is built with urban touch amongst natural surroundings.









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