Progressive Home Design Timber and Stone Home

The Progressive Architecture magazine announced the first award for progressive house design in July 1954. Since then they have been awarding the prestigious Progressive Architecture Awards every year. Every year new jurors recognize and honor new talent who are willing to take risk and make innovative changes in the vast field of architecture. Contemporary architects pursue innovative ideas and submit their entries for the Progressive Architecture Award.Anton Žižek and Marjan Poboljšaj are two brave architects who relentlessly pursue progressive design concepts in the field of architecture and interior design. They are based in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. They have designed a number of projects using progressive house design concepts. One of the bold and progressive projects is a retreat house designed for a private client using the wood and stone as main materials. The retreat house or the timber and stone house is created by combining two existing houses side by side.The first house is a traditional, monolithic introverted house containing bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen. It is built from the stone and wood. The house is wood clad and windows have shutters to maintain the privacy. The second house is a boat shaped structure protruding outwards. It looks as if a boat is anchored at the bay. Glass, steel and mainly wood are used to build this open and comparatively modern structure. It contains the living area, dining area and a big hall. It has an entire wall of sliding glass doors that opens to the patio in front of the swimming pool. Combining a modern structure with a traditionally designed house is not an easy task. The combined house looks bold and progressive in its design.The timber and stone house is surrounded by natural beauty and hills. Swimming pool in front of the house has unusual polygonal shape. It is surrounded by a wooden deck. Interiors of the house are flamboyant and done in progressive style. Ample wood is used in designing living area. Windows are made of wood strips. Natural light filtering in through the strips creates colorful patterns. The timber and stone house is compartmentalized in two different sections. One is for socializing and for recreation purposes. The other section is to relax and recuperate or rejuvenate. A foyer connecting both the houses is covered with glass and wood alternatively.







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