Rooftop Apartments Interior Renovation

If you are looking for an inspiration to redesign your beloved rooftop flats interior, this rooftop apartments in Berlin-Charlottenburg with stylish contemporary interior fashion is the right source. Iris Steinbeck Architekten was commisioned by the client who is businesswoman internationally energetic in the field of way of life and sustainable development, to produce a new interior with new stylish character and soft ambiance maintenance. White is used predominantly, creating the feeling of room and freshness. The spacious residing area is used for cooking and dining, entertaining and relaxing in front of the fire location. A fireplace is the focal stage of the residing room, disrupting the contemporary fashion by such as a warm and traditional touch. Contemporary fashion collectively with collectors’ items and fashion classics offer the room with an person touch. The lengthy, white, backlit sideboards produce a light and comfortable ambiance. Self-produced furnishings and objects in various shades of white complimented by just a few colorful spots stand in contrast to the warm brown tone of the wooden ground.








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