Small But Innovative And Stylish Forest House Design

Right here are the photos of a minimalist forest house situated at Tellada, Spain. This house is situated in thick woods of North Western Spain. The Spanish architectural firm Rosales & Crecente Architect created the house with a theme of all-natural harmony. The wooden house style won the award of Juana de Vega. Foundation of Juana de Vega was discovered in 1872 by the Countess of Espoz y Mina. 1 of their actions includes the implementation of Master of Landscape Architecture in collaboration with the University of Santiago, Spain. Tellada house is a small house constructed for a single family. This single family house is utilized as a vacation retreat. It is surrounded by the oak, birch and chestnut trees. Exact same wood is utilized to build the exteriors of the house. There is a big open area in front of the house. The house is made up of an inner courtyard and a number of decks. Open deck has wooden chairs to unwind and enjoy the nature. Outside nature merges with the indoor decor.Primary supplies utilized are wood and glass. The color of the exteriors is similar to that of forest throughout autumn. Exteriors of the house blend perfectly with the encompassing woods. From outdoors the house appears like a cottage house, but it is constructed utilizing modern architectural style. Forest house is a excellent example of pragmatic and functional house style that blends extremely well with the all-natural environment.The interiors of the house are carried out utilizing lighter color wood. As a result forest house appears vibrant and cheerful. Living area has big glass windows that allow all-natural mild and see. Warm colors of all-natural mild illuminate the interiors. There are no walls separating residing room, dining room, library and kitchen area. Functional cabinets define the area and individual them from every other. The residents have a huge collection of publications. Dining area is adjacent to kitchen area. It has a small four seater dining table and chairs. There is a white ceiling lampshade more than the dining table. Kitchen area is a narrow passage defined by the cabinets. 1 end of this narrow passage prospects outside. Another end has open glass shelves for the storage. There is an inner courtyard in the middle of the house. It has an interior garden. Neon green color is utilized in shower and bath area. Interiors of this rustic searching forest house are very hip and modern.









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