Space-saving Laundry space furnishings with built-in Electrolux Appliances

In accordance to the UN, by 2050 about 74% of the world’s population is anticipated to reside in an urban environment, this will imply we need to be a lot more room effective. The fusion of the conventional craftsmanship of RIVA with the innovation and creativeness of top designers like Terry Dwan colaborated with SHINE concept appliances from the Electrolux Fashion Group in Porcia, Italy, resulted this room-saving furnishings concept with constructed-in Electrolux appliances, As a ideal answer. They proves that a streamlined room is easy to accomplish with the right instruments, with this assortment of trendy and room-effective shelving, cabinets and surfaces for ironing and folding laundry with constructed-in appliances and sink. The organic, neutral wood finish is easy to match any style, turning chaos into chic purchase. This contemporary important laundry room furnishings is correct to the Electrolux design values of simplicity and purity, the ideas are in a place to be seemlesly integrated inside the bathroom.







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