Stunning Luxurious Beach Home Style On An Island

I am addicted to Sao Paulo. It’s 1 of the most interesting cities in the world. It is absolutely chaotic, ugly, polluted and any other unpleasant adjectives 1 may imagine, but with energy that is absolutely fantastic and unparalleled. The mixture of everything creates a distinctive and impassioned character, says 1 of the greatest contemporary Brazilian architects Marcio Kogan. Born and educated in Brazil, Kogan has a modernist method in creating his residential projects. Kogan’s masterpieces can be explained as stylish, luxurious however minimalist. He likes to use usually Brazilian materials for his beautiful and easy house design projects.Here are the photos of his much publicized undertaking Paraty House. Paraty house is a lavish and luxurious beach house located on a pristine beach of the colonial town of Parity. Parity is on 1 of the islands located in between Sao Paolo and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.This luxurious beach house is a reinforced box house consisting of two ranges. Two big drawers of reinforced concrete are pushed in opposition to a hill in front of the sea. Each degree is connected via inner staircase. Even though staked box house design is not much in demand, this is the greatest instance of the minimalist house design. It blends very well with the surrounding nature as it is constructed from the concrete, Brazilian wood, and native vegetation.The residents of the house have to use boat to arrive to the house. A metallic bridge over the crystal lined swimming pool connects the sea beach with the primary entrance staircase. The decrease degree is made up of support region, kitchen area and living region. It has huge glass windows with a view of the sea. Bedrooms are on higher degree. The front side of the higher degree is coated by the panels of Eucalyptus sticks. The sides dealing with the hills have patios with lighting. Exposed reinforced concrete walls provide stunning texture to the framework.Interior of the house has 20th century furniture collection and art function created by well known artists. The décor is contemporary and easy. Minimalist interior design is inspired by the nature. Upper and decrease degree decks in front of the swimming pool have ergonomically created wooden furniture. The whole roof is created as a terrace garden scattered with the sculptures and vegetation. Herbs and medicinal vegetation are grown here.







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