The B&B Italia Lazy Beds Assortment

The Lazy Beds from B&B Italia assortment which is produced by Designer Patricia Urquiola has the elements that give the lazy assortment its distinctive character are revisited in the headboard. The Lazy Bed was produced both double and single version. In Double Edition, the headboard is made up of two independent elements and is softened by cushion that are supported by an elastic strap in a option of three colours in the exact same shade as the material or leather upholstery, or in a contrasting colour. Adjustable in peak, the cushion can be positioned in a comfy location for studying or fo watching Television. Two Tubular metal supports maintain up the body, a Edition is accessible with casters at the rear that make it easy to move. The base body consists of a metal mesh with pre-curved beech wood slats.







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