The Enclave House interior Renovated

As the founder of the famous interior design agency in Arizona New York, Jamie Herzlinger have show her high quality in interior designing, her design is usually inviting, yet elegant and luxurious. This time, Jamie’s have completed the Enclave Home interiors renovations for the clients who are a globe travelers. The current interior has redesigned, where the previously evaporated the entrance, dining room, hallways, and living room, they were able to make every of these public areas very dramatic by the managed use of the bead blasted steel and poured terrazzo floors that had zinc screeds inlayed for a unique separation. In the entry, the angled cabinet is a beautiful dining room buffet, fabricated in Makassar ebony and supported inside two bead blasted steel columns. It is cantilevered in order to produce a visual separation from the entrance, but at the same time contributing to the architectural details. The original master bathroom was mixed with a walk in guest closet to produce a larger space, as the programming needed that the few favored to use the bath area together, thereby necessitating a larger space.












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