The Residing Church Interior Style in Utrecht Netherlands

Architects Rolf Bruggink and Marnix van der Meer from Zecc Architecten had finished the Interior Design of The Residing Church in Utrecht Netherlands. The balcony at the organ is maintained and extended in the shape of a organizing component, free in the room. This component defines the different residing spaces, like residing, cooking and learning, in the chapel. Despite of their contribution to the darkish character of the church, the leaded glass is maintained. For this cause roof light are attached to the room, through which diffused day light enters the chapel. In mixture with a totally white surface finishes, the leaded glass arrives to life. Because of the lack of windows on eye degree in the chapel, the church made a closed impression. There had to be made contact with the city. By introducing an new, somewhat daring, abstract modern version of a leaded glass front framing, this contact is created. The glass front is almost Mondriaan-like, and consists of references to the original leaded glass, that tells a religious story in a more aesthetic way.







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