The Scenography Apartment Residing Room Fashion

Right right here is the apartment interior which is created by the Romanian architects from AA Studio in Bucharest, the cash metropolis, industrial and monetary centre of Romania. Beginning from the wishes of the consumer, expressed very obviously: a spacious apartment , aerated ,luminous, simple and comfy, the designer team managed this challenge approaching the room at an un-usual scale. The large dimensions of the spaces permitted a ‘rescale’ , resulting a custom furnishings undertaking made by the architects. Utilizing the RGB lighting techniques, combined with the different white surfaces and the curtains that define or shut some spaces, the lighting fashion tends to make the room very versatile. To accomplish their goal, the architects chose lighting items of the greatest high quality, with a clear fashion, nearly minimalist RZB Flat Polymero , Viabizzuno C1 incasso and Viabizzuno Dodo for the ceilings and walls in the residing space.







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