Ultra Luxurious Hillside Holiday Home with a Helipad

Cielo de Bonaire, a spacious hillside villa built in neo Palldian-Contemporary architectural fashion distribute more than three.five acres of website, is located on the island of Mallorca, Spain. The luxurious house located on a hill between the bay of Pollensa and the bay of Alcudia, has breathtaking see of the ocean and encompassing natural landscapes. It is one of the greatest properties on Balearic Islands. Balearic Islands are the most visited vacation destinations with warm and sunny seashores, rich cultural heritage and friendly inhabitants. Mallorca Island is one of the most stunning islands among them. The luxurious villa Cielo de Bonaire looks like a jewel set on a small hill.The home style is a mixture of classic neo Palldian fashion and contemporary fashion of architecture. A neo-Palladian façade with pillared walkway leads into the spacious living region. The living region begins with a big hall having marble floors and double height ceiling. The villa has long lines of rooms, plenty of terraces and patios for outdoor dining and lounging, Encompassing garden has large expanses of trimmed lawns. 17 meter pool in front of the home reflects the villa superbly. The villa has eight bedrooms including two bed room grasp suite. Guest rooms and employees quarters are far away from the family members quarters. Other amenities include private elevator, Turkish bath, Jacuzzi, tennis court and a helipad. Interiors of the home are created with the most costly modern furniture. A plain and simple approach is observed for the interior style. Interiors look casual and comfortable. Huge indoor spaces with windows and terraces inspire the residents to spend a great deal of time outside.The home has more amazing architectural components rather than striking interiors. It is built using the greatest building materials. The home style is a mixture of contemporary architecture and neo Palladian fashion of architecture. It looks extremely proportionate and breathtakingly stunning with a pool in front of it reflecting its beauty. The façade, terraces, windows and pyramid shaped dome roofs tends to make the home style unique and stylish. The home style reflects harmony and symmetry. Windows are the greatest architectural component in this home style. They are large and created in arch form as well as square form. They mild up the rooms with natural mild and offer panoramic see of the ocean from all the rooms in this villa. Terraces are an additional attraction in this villa. There are plenty of them and look inviting with spectacular ocean see.













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