Weekend Retreat At Beautiful Holiday Home At Napa Valley

A dated ranch style house is converted into a contemporary weekend retreat by Schneider Design Associates in collaboration with Jean Larrette Interior Design and Garden Architecture. The ranch house was built in the middle of a vineyard at St Helena, Napa Valley. St Helena known as the heart of Napa Valley, has sweeping vistas of vineyards, finest wineries associated with the names of renowned families, world class restaurants and a historic downtown. Napa Valley has still retained its pristine beauty due to its agricultural land protection policies. Each year annual wine auction takes place at Meadowood, Napa Valley. People in St Helena are generous and hospitable. St Helena is a great place to explore art and scenic beauty of the place, to indulge in culinary adventures, and to rejuvenate in the healthy environment. The owner of the ranch house wanted to convert it into a contemporary house that would retain its original floor plan with an addition of a master suite and a pool house. The house has a beautiful view of vineyard. It was renovated in such a way that a newly constructed room by the poolside direct connects with the interiors. Two large doors on the axis connect interiors with the exteriors. Poolside deck is a perfect place for entertaining and leisurely time at poolside. Master bedroom with attached bathroom is new addition to the house. Bedroom is designed with traditional style wooden bed, side board and heavy drapes. Bathroom is modern with granite top sink, white cabinets, grey tiles and mosaic floor. Two large size mirrors with towel cabinet in between look elegant.Interior design of the living space is done in black and white in contemporary style. It is an open floor plan with furniture defining the space. All the door frames, cabinets and slanting roofs are painted white. Stuffed white sofa with black accent pillows looks gorgeous. Kitchen looks sleek and modern with three hanging lampshades on the breakfast counter. A kitchen door opens outside at the pool area. Dining table and matching storage cabinet on a rug made of organic eco friendly material look elegant and inviting. It is placed right next to the large glass doors with a view to the pool and landscaped garden. This is a perfect place for a leisurely meal with family and friends. While spending weekend at the house, guests can enjoy hiking, biking, balloon rides, tour to Long Meadow Ranch, attend lectures or weekend courses at The Culinary Institute of America, shopping art, furniture, accessories or clothing at the historic downtown, famous wine train ride.












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